Vibrant Matter Sound Series

Vibrant Matter‘s​ ​Heather Frasch ​and ​Rebecca Lane organise sound events that investigate the vibrancy of matter through objects, text and sound.

In her book ​Vibrant Matter​, Jane Bennett makes a case for the power and force of ‘things’, a philosophy that crosses the human/non-human divide. Inspired by these writings, they initiated their sound series at ​Studio 8​ in Berlin in 2017, featuring works by artists (composers, composer-performers, improvisers, instrument makers and visual artists) whose work captures and enhances ‘the vitality of matter’.

Their series, Vibrant Matter Portraits ​showcases the work of six performer-composers who explore modes of listening; delving into the vibrational ​relationships (physical/visual/political/conceptual)​ ​between objects, text and sound. ​Six concerts over three years present each artist’s solo performance practice alongside their compositions for other performers.

Previous concerts​ in 2017 and 2018 featured interdisciplinary artists whose work lingers on the border between music, poetry or sculpture. Such works included sound poetry compositions by Audra Wolowiec and lo wie, installations by artists Dawn Scarfe and Chelsea Leventhal, graphic scores by Ryoko Akama and Sarah Hughes and text scores by fluxus artist Alison Knowles. The compositions were interpreted by berlin-based musicians—such as pianist Joe Houston, vocalist/guitarist Margareth Kammer and sound artist Felicity Mangan.