Vibrant Matter Portraits

A series showcasing the work of six performers-composers who explore modes of listening; delving into the vibrational ​relationships (physical/visual/political/conceptual)​ ​between objects, text and sound. ​Six concerts over three years present each artist’s solo performance practice alongside their compositions for other performers.

Presented at KM28

Portrait # 1: Clara de Asís
with Margaret Kammerer, Heather Frasch & Seiji Morimoto

Portrait # 2: Nomi Epstein
with Miako Klein, Christian Kesten, Joe Houston & Michiko Ogawa

Portrait # 3: Sarah Hughes
with Felicity Mangan, Rebecca Lane & Koen Nutters

Portrait # 4: Lucie Vitková
with Evelyn Saylor, Stellan Veloce & Martyna Poznańska

Portrait # 5: Ryoko Akama
with Stine Janvin & Rebecca Lane

Portrait # 6: Heather Frasch
with Andrea Neumann, Miako Klein & Lucy Railton